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Practica Learning (formerly e-roleplay) creates realistic 1:1 deliberate practice conversations that allow participants to convert the knowledge they obtained during training into well-honed skills.  We work with you to build a customized program that helps you practice, sustain, measure, and reinforce your learning and development investments.

Helping business professionals improve through deliberate practice.
1:1 Deliberate Learning & Practice - Case Study
Posted on April 18th, 2017
1:1 Deliberate Learning & Practice – NO Workshop Sales TrainingPractica Learning combines 1:1 Learning and Scenario-Based Deliberate Practice to deliver a new approach to training a large or small group of participants quickly and cost effectively. The objective of this approach...
The Missing Link - How to Really Get ROI from Your Expensive Sales Methodology
Posted on April 7th, 2017
Executive Summary: There’s a better way to get ROI from your sales enablement investment and empower your salespeople to have value-based conversations with their prospects. It’s called “deliberate practice,” and it’s helping enterprise sales organizations create high-performance...
Fixing Diversity Programs – Diversity, Inclusion, and Deliberate Practice
Posted on February 14th, 2017
By Randy SabourinNo one should be arguing against increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Strategically, ethically, and financially it makes sense that organizations can benefit from being diverse.  The Return on Investment (ROI) for a diverse workplace has been widely...


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Practica Learning Coach
Michael has been a bilingual roleplayer at Practica Learning since 2002. Michael really enjoys helping learners overcome anxiety and find value in deliberate practice. He has worked as a singer and actor for over 25 years. Michael has also taught First Aid and CPR for nearly 30 years.
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