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Practica Learning (formerly e-roleplay) creates realistic 1:1 deliberate practice conversations that allow participants to convert the knowledge they obtained during training into well-honed skills.  We work with you to build a customized program that helps you practice, sustain, measure, and reinforce your learning and development investments.

Helping business professionals improve through deliberate practice.
Every Great Conversation
Posted on December 5th, 2018
by Randy SabourinI believe that the most important things that happen at any organization are conversations. They are the reason we innovate, collaborate, sell, lead, coach, change, succeed, or fail. A salesperson who struggles to have meaningful customer conversations, a leader...
How to Differentiate Your Outbound Sales Calls
Posted on July 24th, 2018
by Doug Robertson“Until recently, we’ve been lucky. Because of our brand, we had lots of inbound calls. Today though, that stream is drying up and we have to extract more business from our existing clients. That means we need our sales crew to maximize every interaction –...
Strategy – Check. Execution – Needs Practice!
Posted on March 7th, 2018
By Randy Sabourin“A lot of thought and consultant dollars were spent to create a new set of seventeen leadership competencies. Those seventeen competencies should be manifested through our four core values. This strategy will drive a culture change throughout our organization starting...


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Senior Manager of Operations and Logistics
Brenda heads our Client Operations and has experience in investment management and marketing. Brenda lived in Taipei, Taiwan for 2 years working as an ESL teacher and learning coordinator. She has been a part of Practica Learning since 2013.
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