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Practica Learning (formerly e-roleplay) creates realistic 1:1 deliberate practice conversations that allow participants to convert the knowledge they obtained during training into well-honed skills.  We work with you to build a customized program that helps you practice, sustain, measure, and reinforce your learning and development investments.

Helping business professionals improve through deliberate practice.
The Battle For Attention – (we can’t afford to be boring anymore)
Posted on September 7th, 2017
By Randy SabourinThe two significant outcomes of Learning & Development (L&D) organizations are increasing the knowledge and improving the skill of its participants. The currency that learners pay for these outcomes is their attention, which has been a highly-valued commodity...
Learning to Make Mistakes
Posted on July 10th, 2017
“You know nothing Jon Snow” – Ygritte, Wildling, Beyond the Wall (George RR Martin)I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I will continue to make them in the future. Although it’s very hard to accept at the time, the more mistakes I make, the better I become. No one is an expert,...
1:1 Deliberate Learning & Practice - Case Study
Posted on April 18th, 2017
1:1 Deliberate Learning & Practice – NO Workshop Sales TrainingPractica Learning combines 1:1 Learning and Scenario-Based Deliberate Practice to deliver a new approach to training a large or small group of participants quickly and cost effectively. The objective of this approach...


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VP of Learning and Operations
Jason joined Practica Learning in 2004 and is currently the Project and Learning Manager, as well as an active roleplayer, coach, trainer and course writer. He also worked for many years as a live theatre actor, with a particular focus on Shakespeare.
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