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A Conversation With A Client Is An Opportunity That Cannot Be Wasted

Success through Practice

Can you afford to have your Sales Team practicing on your clients? Traditional Sales Training gives Salespeople knowledge and techniques that can increase sales if used correctly. Will your team be able to use the new technique at the critical moment? Will they retain the knowledge they learned and be able to apply it in the heat of battle? Will they execute perfectly the first time?  Every professional athlete, artist, and emergency responder is aware that practice is the key to a successful performance. Practica Learning will create realistic customer scenarios for face-to-face or over-the-phone sales and service conversations, using your products and training content.  To this we add challenging and realistic customer objections developed with you and based on what your team is actually facing out in the field. Your Sales Team will have the opportunity to practice every aspect of the sales process with a range of emotional intensity so that they are confident with the sales training when they engage your customers. You will be confident that your team is leveraging your investment and that everyone is executing successfully.

Practice With Us, Not On Your Clients


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  • Measurable increase in critical customer interaction processes
  • Increased empathy, listening, improvisation and communication skills
  • Consistency across the organization without travel time or lost opportunity costs

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  • How we convert your sales process into realistic scenarios
  • What the experience would look like for each participant
  • How we can increase the ROI on your Learning & Development investment
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