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The foundation of any organization—its greatest competitive advantage and its most precious resource—is its individuals. This is a sentiment that almost everyone agrees with, but almost no one leverages.

The foundation of any individual’s performance is behavioral-based preferences. Self-awareness of our own behavioral preferences, particularly in response to stressful or pressure-filled situations, enables us to predict performance and to develop strategies to modify our responses.

Practica Learning uses a proven psychometric inventory called TAIS (The Attentional and Interpersonal Style) to help reveal individual behavioral preferences in critical-performance situations. We believe this knowledge allows individuals, teams and organizations to successfully adapt to both leadership and learning opportunities.

Behavioral preferences are often at the root of performance-related issues. We consider how individuals pay attention and how individuals get distracted. We consider the impact of different interpersonal communication styles and of contrasting decision-making styles. We consider the control-based needs of individuals. We consider how individuals interact socially.

For More Information About TAIS (The Attentional & Interpersonal Style Inventory)

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