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inpersonPractica Learning customizes our modular learning content to meet the needs of your unique market challenges. All case studies, scenarios, and references are about your selling environment, your team, and your customers.  All modules are supported by lecture content, interactive exercises, multimedia presentations, and most importantly, practice.

We believe that most participants quickly understand the knowledge being delivered. In order to help convert this new knowledge into a usable skill we incorporate several variations of our unique roleplay practice sessions into each workshop. 

Simulations can range from 1:1 sales conversations with a client to multi-day case studies that incorporate presentations, value proposition creation, and selling to a team of multiple buyers. in person gridPlease Contact Us Via The Form Below So We Can Discuss: 

  • How we can help your team to understand and work better with each other
  • Adapt of modular learning content to fit your market
  • Add professional practice to your learning experience 
To learn more about us and how we can help your employees become more effective communicators through deliberate, experiential practice, please contact us.
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