img-03We believe coaching is the key to success in every organization. It is critical for the sustainment of learning content, for individual growth and improvement, for the maintenance of strong interpersonal relationships, and for leadership development.
The opportunity to practice coaching conversations allows our participants to “fail forward” in a safe environment. We create customized coaching scenarios for your managers, leaders and supervisors to practice. During the course of a session, our roleplayers play employees or direct reports and embody the successes and challenges found in your organization. Our participants thus get to practice coaching frontline staff on real, current issues in the workforce. Emotional intensity increase with each call in order to help further develop our participants’ skills.

Practice With Us, Not Your Team

We support your existing process with a multitude of coaching situations:

coaching grid

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  • How we convert your coaching process into realistic scenarios
  • What the experience would look like for each participant
  • How we can increase the ROI on your coaching investment
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