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telePractica Learning creates realistic practice scenarios based on specific skills that you’ve determined your team should practice. During each scenario, the participant is assessed and coached on a customized Skills List. Our roleplayers improvise a roleplay, give immediate feedback and conduct ‘practice moments’ where the participant can re-do a certain moment or skill in order to implement the coaching right away. This ensures a consistent experience is delivered across the organization. The result is a measurable Return on Investment (ROI) for individual, cohort, and skill. 

A typical program consists of 2 sessions, the first of 3 scenarios and the second, a self-directed practice session, of 1 scenario. The duration and amount of scenarios is customized to meet specific learning objectives. The content of the scenarios and Skills List are derived from your existing or Practica Learning learning content. An Action Plan is co-developed with each participant at the end of scenario 3 and again after scenario 4. The Action Plan consists of highlights and opportunities to the participant, focuses on ongoing improvement and is a great coaching opportunity for Managers.

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