1:1 Developmental Coaching & Learning


1:1 Learning is designed to deliver learning concepts and behavioral insight  in a 1:1 ‘tutorial’ format that includes practice moments. This format is effective to deliver new content to a cohort that is geographically diverse or where time away from the office is cost prohibitive. Learning content is explored with the participant and immediately put into practice to ensure understanding. We consistently compress 3 hour of typical workshop content into 1 hour of intense 1:1 learning.

Our 1:1 Developmental Coaching program utilizes the same approach but is focused on behavioral awareness in context for sales, coaching, team dynamics, or leadership development. The Attentional & Interpersonal Style inventory is used as the foundation to increased awareness in critical performance situations and team dynamics.

TAIS flow

More information on TAIS. 

These programs are typically followed by 1:1 Telephone Roleplay Practice to sustain and reinforce the content and/or an In Person Workshop.

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