We are proud to announce that e-roleplay Inc is now Practica Learning.
Posted on October 3rd, 2016

by Randy Sabourin – 

e-roleplay has been part of the  learning and development  landscape in Canada and the United States since 2000. Hundreds of thousands of conversations, hundreds of Roleplayers, and pl-logo-smallthousands of very happy clients have experienced a unique way to improve their skills through 1:1 deliberate practice. e-roleplay was founded in 2000 by Amy Marcus and Gerry Troy, after booking business with a major (and open-minded) Canadian Bank. We still do business with that first client today.  

Over the past 3 years, learning and development  has begun to focus on deliberate practice as sustainment and skill improvement strategy. The industry and research are starting to catch up to the original vision of the value of e-roleplay. Cam and I purchased e-roleplay in 2012 because we recognized the value that scenario-based practice could bring our clients. We’ve seen tremendous growth of the traditional telephone roleplay along with recent additions of video roleplay, in-person roleplay and facilitation, and executive coaching. This year we are making a significant investment to replace our internal scheduling application to keep up with the growth. Our Operations & Design team are creating amazing programs, and we have a new Vice President of Business Development who is out sharing these exciting programs with new prospective clients in the U.S.. As always, what constantly impresses us and our clients is the commitment, expertise and compassion that all of the Roleplayers bring to every client conversation.

With a nod to the past, we step into the future. As of October 3rd, 2016 e-roleplay is now Practica Learning. Over the last four years, we’ve found  that the ‘e’ is a bit misleading  and unfortunately ‘roleplay’ has negative connotations for some. It was a hard decision but we’re confident we’re heading the right direction with Practica Learning.

Thank you to our entire team and to everyone who had a hand in getting us to this point. We look forward to the next 16 years.

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