Tasty Feedback
Posted on January 20th, 2017

The nature of our business brings us into constant direct contact with learners. Engaging hundreds of learners weekly in 1:1 deliberate practice means our professional Roleplayers need to quickly establish trust and credibility in order to give feedback and coaching, in what can be very intense and emotionally charged scenarios. Our Roleplayers are amazing. They bring a huge amount of experience, passion and energy to their work and spend many hours practicing and training. Practica Learning is in high demand because of the quality of the interactions our Roleplayers provide and the success and satisfaction of our clients prove this every day.

There are a few ways that our clients demonstrate their approval of what we do.  It is a measure of a successful engagement when a program continues to run for over time (our longest is currently eleven years). It’s also a vote of confidence when we engage on new programs with existing clients, and when we receive references from clients based on the work we do with them. The participants of our programs also get to weigh in on how well we’ve done through NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is always way above industry standards at approximately 89%, and the feedback we receive from learners is positively inspiring.basket

And then, there’s this…

We received a new form of feedback this week from a very happy learner. A beautiful basket and hand-written note sent to our office directly from a learner to the four Roleplayers she worked with the previous week. The contents are impressive: fresh baking, fruits, nuts, cookies, and chocolate. A lot of thought and expense went into this feedback.

We forget sometimes in L&D that the focus is on people. We are here to help each participant improve; their success is our success.

As Gary, Camille, Lindy, and Kim enjoy their well-deserved rewards I’d also like to thank our client Kathy, who works in the very competitive Financial Services world, for taking a moment and for being so thoughtful.

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