Selling Power Features Practica Learning in Webinar
Posted on January 30th, 2017

Founder & CEO of Selling Power, Gerhard Gschwandtner, describes Practica Learning’s webinar as “Solid information, great content and very engaging.”. On January 24th, Practica Learning’s Co-President Randy Sabourin shared insights and provided examples of how deliberate practice can significantly impact results to sales organizations as compared to today’s most common approaches to sales training. The Making Of A Sales Expert: How Deliberate Practice Will Give Your Team The Edge in 2017 was the title of this well received webinar by hundreds of sales leaders from more than 41 countries. “We must have struck the right chord with this topic and the content to have attracted so many sales leaders.”, explains Sabourin. The topics included the importance of deliberate practice in developing top performing sales leaders, the over emphasis of knowledge transfer that leads to ineffective sales training initiatives and straight forward examples of how to apply the latest best practices in the science of expertise to sales development strategies.

Click here to watch recorded version of webinar.

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