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Strategy – Check. Execution – Needs Practice!

By Randy Sabourin

“A lot of thought and consultant dollars were spent to create a new set of seventeen leadership competencies. Those seventeen competencies should be manifested through our four core values. This strategy will drive a culture change throughout our organization starting with our Leadership team. The competencies and values should be evident in the behavior of our people throughout the organization.  Due to the lack of integration over the last two years, we have simplified the number of competencies to nine. The CEO believes that if our Leadership adapts and displays these values and competencies, it will effect the change in our organization we require to be successful.”complex

This opening statement led to a robust discussion that explored the common challenges of bringing a strategy to fruition.

Organizational change, Leadership Development, or any learning initiative, requires three very fundamental components in order to be successful. The first is strategy which has spawned a multi-billion dollar consultancy industry. There is no end to resources to help any organization figure out where they are, what they are doing wrong, and what they should be doing to get where they want to be. An overwhelming amount of complexity gets built into the process disguised as value, due mostly to the amount of budget being allocated. It gives us a clue to why the above statement of a leadership-driven culture change failed and will continue to fail. It’s far too complex. Years of research shows that changing one or two behaviors is very difficult. The complexity of remembering thirty-six behaviors let alone applying them to real situations is doomed to failure. Complexity is not the only reason this initiative will continue to flounder. Continue reading

Tasty Feedback

The nature of our business brings us into constant direct contact with learners. Engaging hundreds of learners weekly in 1:1 deliberate practice means our professional Roleplayers need to quickly establish trust and credibility in order to give feedback and coaching, in what can be very intense and emotionally charged scenarios. Our Roleplayers are amazing. They bring a huge amount of experience, passion and energy to their work and spend many hours practicing and training. Practica Learning is in high demand because of the quality of the interactions our Roleplayers provide and the success and satisfaction of our clients prove this every day. Continue reading

Cameron Anderson, Co-President of e-roleplay Moderates Key Panel Session at Philadelphia Conference

e-roleplay co-sponsors a unique conference dedicated to transforming Learning and Development in Financial Services

PHILADELPHIA – March 9, 2016 – e-roleplay’s Cameron Anderson kicked off a series of expert panel discussions at the Financial Services Learning & Development Innovations conference. The panel, titled Managing Global Learning: Integrating Learning without Changing the Flavor of a Local Office, shared their advice in responding to emerging trends in global learning. Key recommendations included:

  • Plan global, talk local: when planning your three-year learning strategy remember: global learning is becoming both increasingly centralized and more locally customized
  • Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Want local internal customers to buy in to your learning solutions? Speak their language – literally and figuratively – to bring them onboardDepositphotos_53066879_m1
  • Get savvy: with specifications like xAPI on the horizon and with the global proliferation of high-speed internet, technology will continue to play a critical role in learning
  • Know your strategy: to stay relevant, global learning must be aligned and realigned to your business strategy and local go-to-market strategy

Members of the panel were notable global L&D leaders:

  • Cameron Anderson, Co-President, e-roleplay
  • Joy Joseph, CLO & Global Head, Learning & Development, AXA
  • Bernard Goldstein, Senior Manager, VP, Global Sales Training, Legg Mason 
  • David Snelus, Client Relationship Director, Fitch Learning

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