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How to Differentiate Your Outbound Sales Calls

by Doug Robertson

“Until recently, we’ve been lucky. Because of our brand, we had lots of inbound calls. Today though, that stream is drying up and we have to extract more business from our existing clients. That means we need our sales crew to maximize every interaction – including outbound follow-up calls. But outbound calling is a very different skill set… and we’re anxious. We’re not sure what to do.”-  Retail Sales Executive

As a sales training firm, we’re hearing that outbound calling, even cold calling, is becoming more important. And while there are sometimes cultural, operational, or structural factors that make this kind of selling a challenge, often the biggest barrier is

When skill is the issue, training plays a role and there are plenty of excellent training solution providers that can help teach new skills. But beware, not all training solutions are created equally. Only a few solutions build the skills that can truly differentiate your outbound call from those of your competition.

 Outbound Calling Skills that Differentiate

If you want your outbound calls to stand out from the rest, here are a few skills that your outbound calling team must know and do:

  1. Introduce themselves – clearly and slowly – and acknowledge their call was unexpected
  2. Ask permission to explain why they’re calling
  3. Immediately position the reason for their call, in terms of its value to their prospect
  4. Set specific time and outcome expectations and ask for permission to continue the conversation
  5. Ask two to four open-ended questions that cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no”– questions carefully planned and focused on prospects’ specific needs, values, hopes
  6. Listen closely and actively and play back what they’ve heard using their prospect’s own words
  7. Position their solution using engaging language
  8. Ask for the business and when they get it, agree on specific next steps


Bridging the Know/Do Gap Continue reading

The Missing Link – How to Really Get ROI from Your Expensive Sales Methodology

Executive Summary: There’s a better way to get ROI from your sales enablement investment and empower your salespeople to have value-based conversations with their prospects. It’s called “deliberate practice,” and it’s helping enterprise sales organizations create high-performance sales teams by moving average salespeople to the top tier and getting more consistent results from their top performers.

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Cameron Anderson, Co-President of e-roleplay Moderates Key Panel Session at Philadelphia Conference

e-roleplay co-sponsors a unique conference dedicated to transforming Learning and Development in Financial Services

PHILADELPHIA – March 9, 2016 – e-roleplay’s Cameron Anderson kicked off a series of expert panel discussions at the Financial Services Learning & Development Innovations conference. The panel, titled Managing Global Learning: Integrating Learning without Changing the Flavor of a Local Office, shared their advice in responding to emerging trends in global learning. Key recommendations included:

  • Plan global, talk local: when planning your three-year learning strategy remember: global learning is becoming both increasingly centralized and more locally customized
  • Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Want local internal customers to buy in to your learning solutions? Speak their language – literally and figuratively – to bring them onboardDepositphotos_53066879_m1
  • Get savvy: with specifications like xAPI on the horizon and with the global proliferation of high-speed internet, technology will continue to play a critical role in learning
  • Know your strategy: to stay relevant, global learning must be aligned and realigned to your business strategy and local go-to-market strategy

Members of the panel were notable global L&D leaders:

  • Cameron Anderson, Co-President, e-roleplay
  • Joy Joseph, CLO & Global Head, Learning & Development, AXA
  • Bernard Goldstein, Senior Manager, VP, Global Sales Training, Legg Mason 
  • David Snelus, Client Relationship Director, Fitch Learning

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