Strategy, Team Dynamics & TAIS Workshop

A group of 25 Sales Senior Leaders from a diversified Communications and Media Company came together for an annual Sales Leader Forum workshop. The Leaders represented several regions and product lines. The objective of the two-day workshop was to achieve a higher level of collaboration and teamwork across the Lines of Business (LOBs). Traditionally, the Product Line Groups and the Sales Teams functioned separately. They were also highly competitive with each other.


Each participant was very successful in his/her own right and needed to see the value of working together as part of a Leadership Team. The already established, individually based mindset of the team members had to be challenged, leading to an improved sense of "team awareness".


Practica Learning developed a two-pronged program to help the group become a team: one-on-one remote coaching (both pre- and post-event) and a two-day workshop.

As pre-work, each participant completed TAIS (The Attentional and Interpersonal Style inventory), a behavioral-based psychometric questionnaire that measures attentional preferences, interpersonal characteristics and performance under pressure. In order to facilitate individual behavioural awareness, each participant was debriefed remotely on his/her TAIS results with a certified Practica Learning coach.

On the first day of the workshop, the morning focused on the Company's business objectives (e.g., collaboration), which were presented by the Senior Executive Team. That afternoon focused on how each participant’s TAIS results affected both the interactions and the dynamics of the Leadership Team. It investigated these results in the context of the challenges they faced in delivering on LOB responsibilities.

On the second day of the workshop, the morning concentrated on creating realistic Objectives, Strategies & Tactics (OSTs)—taking into account both Team and LOB responsibilities—for each participant. The final afternoon consisted of examining and roleplaying scenarios where individual behavioural styles clashed with Leadership Team and/or LOB priorities. Monthly coaching conversations with each participant continued for an additional six months.


The OST process was adopted by each individual and then passed along within their teams as the standard strategic-support methodology. Several team dynamics workshops using TAIS have been conducted throughout the organization, helping teams work together more effectively. The regional Sales Teams are now launching an Practica Sales Conversation program.

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