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A major U.S. bank’s Small Business Call Center is successfully servicing inbound and outbound calls referred to them through in-house and partner programs.  These services are offered by a team of 725 associates located in call centers in three geographical locations.   An opportunity exists to increase the  skills and success of these associates when making outbound calls to prospects and existing customers.  


The Bank has a significant presence in the market and offers a wide range of products and services that is not being presented to customers with confidence.  Call center associates often make only cursory attempts to increase the number of services provided to a given customer and there is little support from managers in effectively coaching to improve this behavior.  As a result, outbound calls are reduced to a simple check-in conversation instead of a meaningful sales and service conversation.   The associates do not see themselves as Small Business experts and are reluctant to explore additional needs and challenges of the client, leading to missed sales opportunities.


Practica Learning designed a three-part solution to teach call center associates the skills necessary to make successful outbound calls.  This content was designed, developed and delivered by Practica Learning for our client.

During the first session, Practica Learning facilitators conduct a full-day,  live, in-classroom workshop to deliver the content for successful outbound calling.  This includes multimedia presentations, interactive activities, case studies and breakout roleplay practice sessions, with certified roleplayers, to cement the ideas and techniques being presented.

Session two consists of a 3-call telephone roleplay course wherein Participants practice making outbound calls to prospects.  Roleplayers play small business owners of varying experience and personality. e-roleplay created, with the bank’s input, 3 roleplay scenarios to reflect common lead types, product needs and customer objections. The Participants have the chance to practice dealing with these situations in a safe environment and hone their skills before actual potential business is on the table.

Two to three weeks after Session 2, the Participants then call back in and get a targeted practice session of 30 minutes to practice any skill of their choosing.  The associates have had some time in the field with the new skills, and this session is designed as a free chance to practice whatever they still find challenging.

In addition, in order to support these new skills on an ongoing basis, Practica Learning designed and delivered a virtual half-day workshop for the bank’s managers and supervisors.  This workshop focused on effective coaching skills and was drawn from Practica Learning's  extensive history and knowledge of business coaching.


The increase in success in selling additional small business products and services  exceeded the bank’s expectations.  The bank reported a 17% increase in sales after only one month and this increased level of sales remained steady in the months that followed.  

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