The Pitch Deck

The Private Client Group (PCG) of a multi-national Financial Institution has three Lines of Business (LOBs) that tend to focus on their respective product and service offerings in client conversations, while neglecting the larger message of the value proposition of the Financial Institution.


Leadership is looking to increase revenue opportunities by reinforcing the Financial Institution's overall value proposition in all client conversations. The client created a Pitch Deck to serve as a guideline for the conversation. 380 participants (i.e., Regional Heads, Sales Leaders and Frontline Relationship Managers) are required to understand, deliver and discuss the Pitch Deck in a conversational manner, while also managing client objections and questions.


Practica Learning designed a safe practice roleplay program comprised of three client conversations in one session, as well as a follow-up session three weeks later to reinforce the initial session. Each conversation was designed to challenge the participant, with objections ranging from "Why you?" to "Why your bank?" to "What is Wealth Management?" In order to push the limits of comfort and to help the participants attain real practice, as the calls progressed, roleplayers increased the emotional intensity of, as well as their characters' resistance to, the conversations.


Participants embraced the process, showing significant increase in skills over the two Practica Learning sessions. Only 39% of the participants used the Pitch Deck naturally and effectively in the first call. By the third call, however, 63% performed at the required level (see charts for more details). The client saw an increase in sales, appointments and the participants' confidence levels.


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