Oral Practicum Objection Handling

An International Fortune 500 Biotechnology Company has 320 Area Business Managers (aka Representatives) that talk with Doctors in face-to-face meetings. The company has a new drug whose effectiveness is demonstrated through the use of a tablet application. Each Representative must be able to navigate the application, describe the contra-indications and benefits, and manage objections from the Doctor.


To ensure that all Representatives understand a new product, it is traditional to have them undergo an Oral Practicum with their manager when said product is released. Due to the complexity of this new product, the use of a tablet application, and the fact that, historically, no Representative has ever failed an Oral Practicum, the Company felt the need to engage an external training and assessment solution.


Practica Learning designed a one-on-one, telephone-based roleplay program that encompassed both a pass/fail assessment of the Oral Practicum and an objection-handling scenario. This program consisted of one session of three calls.

At the end of their first roleplay call, participants received a pass/fail grade. This was the final step in the approval process, certifying their ability to offer the new product to clients. The second call focused on objection handling. The third call focused on interacting with the doctor.


83% of the Representatives passed their Oral Practicum (call one of the session) with Practica Learning the first time through; 100% passed the second time. The product and tablet application launch was very successful. The Representatives have requested Practica Learning's Objection Handling session for other products. Three new product sessions will be launched within the next two months.


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