Observational Coaching

A large Retail Organization wanted to improve the coaching it provides to Frontline Employees. Regional Managers observe Store Managers coaching Employees as common practice and offer advice on how to coach more effectively. Observational Coaching is a major aspect of the Organization’s culture and is held in both face-to-face and telephone-based capacities.


Poorly executed Observational Coaching can negatively affect the relationships between Regional Managers and Store Managers as well as between Store Managers and Employees. The client wanted a program that would help Regional Managers become better at Observational Coaching without the additional costs of traveling to workshops.


Practica Learning designed a program that allowed the Regional Managers to practice Observational Coaching in one-on-one, telephone-based roleplay scenarios. Participants practiced with Practica Learning certified coaches in a two session, three scenario program.

During the first session, participants listened to a pre-recorded coaching conversation that represents a typical Observational Coaching session. The participant then coached the Store Manager (roleplayer, who was on the recording) using the Organization’s coaching process. The roleplayer then provided real-time feedback and some "coaching moments" from interaction.

During the second session, which is scheduled for two to three weeks after the first session's conclusion, the participant has a follow-up call with a roleplayer. This follow-up call acts as reinforcement and sustainment of the process and includes best practices.

After both sessions, a coaching Action Plan is co-created by the participant and the roleplayer. These Action Plans are subsequently emailed to the participant and his/her Manager noting additional coaching opportunities.


After the completion of the Practica Learning program, an increase in the quality of coaching was witnessed through substantial reduction of employee turnover across the Organization. Several items on the Skills List that participants had difficulty with during the Practica Learning program were modified for the Organization's Observational Coaching Workshops. As a result, Regional Managers were better prepared to coach. Due to the success of our Observational Coaching program, the Organization has decided to offer a Practica Learning Coaching Program to its Store Managers.


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