Leaders Of Tomorrow

A global Insurance Provider is looking to enhance their Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program. 50 Senior Managers or Directors are selected and invited to participate in a program designed to elevate them within the organization by developing their leadership skills (e.g., coaching, team dynamics, behavioral self-awareness and one major business project). The group of internal participants will meet at the launch of the program as well as at the competition (aka the final presentation of their project).


Historically, the participants had met four other times during the year to track progress and to learn additional content. Practica Learning was charged with creating a sustainment and practice program for the participants, reinforcing the concepts and processes learned during the launch-week workshops. Participants were located in North America, South America, Asia and throughout Europe.


Over the course of the year, Practica Learning scheduled monthly telephone-based sessions that included roleplaying, practicing coaching skills, behavioral assessment and a debrief. The sessions also dealt with coaching around team dynamics concepts. Each roleplayer established a coach/mentor relationship with an LOT participant. The one-on-one nature of both the practice and the instruction helped each LOT participant to excel, allowing concentrated focus on skills/areas that required improvement.


The feedback on this Practica Learning program, from both participants and executives, was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to how much was accomplished and to the absence of travel-related training costs, It was suggested that the Practica Learning sessions saved the LOT program from extinction. Several LOT participants have gone on to join the Insurance Provider's executive pool, where they continue to support the Practica Learning program.

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