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A Global Manufacturer based in the USA has a select group of Directors attend a one-week Leadership Development Program (LDP) when they are promoted to Vice President roles. The program is run annually and there are between 60 to 75 participants every year, with past attendees being invited to refresh their training. The LDP program focuses on the different financial responsibilities, as well as the coaching and mentoring responsibilities, of this new role.


The Manufacturing Corporation is committed to developing leadership qualities throughout the organization, with coaching considered a key skill for all employees. To reinforce this work-culture expectation, leadership wanted their new Vice Presidents to further develop their coaching competencies and their coaching effectiveness. The Manufacturer's leadership also wanted this development work to come without increased travel budgets or scheduling time away from the office. Hiring local coaches had proved unsuccessful due to the use of disparate processes and to personalized objectives.


Practica Learning designed and delivered a coaching roleplay program based on the client’s coaching process and objectives. This program consisted of two sessions of one-on-one, telephone-based roleplay calls.

The first session occurred four weeks after the LDP course took place. Each participant completed challenging coaching calls with a roleplayer.

Three weeks after completing the first e-roleplay session, each participant had a follow-up session with a roleplayer to continue his/her practice coaching skills.

At the end of both Practica Learning sessions, the participant and roleplayer co-developed a Coaching Development Report noting the participant's areas of strength and development.


The program has expanded so that each participant can choose four scenarios from a menu of eight, allowing returning participants to have a continued challenge. The Return On Investment (ROI) analysis, combined with requests from Region VPs, has persuaded the client to offer the Practica Learning program to its Sales Teams.

The ROI Calculations:

Traditional Workshop Training

  • 2-day Workshop
  • Travel and Accommodations
  • Facility and Facilitator
  • Design and Content
  • Lost Opportunities (4 days away)
  • Cost $156,250.00

One-To-One Learning (Practica Learning)

  • 2 X 90-minute Practice Conversations
  • Design and Development
  • No Travel
  • No Lost Opportunities
  • Cost $62,250.00


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