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A Private Client Group of a major international Bank wanted to boost revenue for the Group by increasing the number of out-going calls each Private Banker made to his/her existing clients. The objective of the calls was to set up more face-to-face meetings and, therefore, to increase "wallet share" for the Bank.


The Private Bankers are a very successful group of individuals with several years of experience. This status leads to their reluctance to make more outgoing calls and to participate in any form of training. The roleplays had to be realistic and show value to the participants instantly.


1800 Private Bankers across three divisions of the Private Bank participated in a solution designed to overcome call reluctance and to increase the effectiveness of each call in securing a face-to-face meeting. Practica Learning designed a one-on-one, telephone-based roleplay program that would be comprised of two sessions.

Session one consisted of three roleplay calls that increased in client resistance and emotional response. By the end of this first session, each participant had committed to making a certain number of out-going calls and to getting a certain number of face-to-face meetings per week over the next three weeks.

Session two began three weeks after the first session. It focused on practicing one of the three existing call scenarios. The number of out-going calls made and of meetings booked by the participant during the gap between sessions was also recorded in that individual's Action Plan.


Compared to a control group that did not participate in the Practica Learning program, there was a significant increase in the number of out-going calls made by and in the number of client meetings booked by the individuals who did participate. The L&D group who sponsored the program has moved forward with the same program, modifying it for new recruits.

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