Behavioral-Based Coaching

A multinational, third-party Logistics Provider relies on their Area Managers to not only manage complex relationships with clients and their local partners, but to maintain staff for warehouses as well as value-added solutions.


All 170 Area Managers had participated in a coaching workshop either during orientation or when they were first promoted. High turnover numbers and information revealed via an employee survey made it clear to leadership that the Area Managers were not using the coaching process within their respective organizations. Clients and local partners were also dealing with the effects of a this lack of coaching through location performance and lost opportunities.


Practica Learning designed a program that incorporated TAIS, a behavioral-based psychometric questionnaire that reveals individual performance-under-pressure preferences, and three telephone-based roleplay sessions.

Each participant completed the TAIS questionnaire online, reviewed his/her results and was then debriefed on said results during the first telephone-based roleplay session. This increased self-awareness helped participants to understand and to develop strategies for dealing with the constant pressures of a logistics environment.

The second roleplay session was designed to reinforce and practice the coaching process: three different coaching scenarios were practiced and discussed in the roleplay calls.

The third session focused on interactions with clients and their partners: four scenarios, that aimed to improve relationships and to reveal new revenue opportunities, were practiced in the roleplay calls.


After completing the Practica Learning program, turnover at the multinational, third-party Logisitics Provider decreased by 17% over six months (compared to the year before). The employee survey conducted eight months after the program launched showed a significant increase in both the key coaching areas and overall Manager satisfaction. Two locations won client awards based on improved performance and stronger relationships. Feedback from the program also contributed to the title "Area Manager" being changed to "Area Relationship Manager".

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