Sustaining A Culture Of Coaching

An American Bank has 950 Leaders, ranging from Regional Managers to District Presidents, that are expected to coach throughout the organization. The Bank has adopted a third-party coaching process and all 950 individuals went through workshop-based training during their on-boarding process.


The Bank's Chief Learning Officer is determined to foster a "coaching culture" within the organization. Small pockets of individuals have embraced the coaching process, but most Leaders only coach during annual reviews or in crisis situations. When polled on the "coaching culture" initiative, the majority of the Leaders say they simply do not have enough time to invest in coaching conversations. The Bank has neither the budget nor the desire to have all of its 950 Leaders go through additional workshop-based training to reinforce the new coaching process.


Practica Learning was asked to develop a sustainment and culture reinforcement program based on both the third-party coaching process and the "coaching culture" concept. Practica Learning created a one-on-one, telephone-based coaching practice program where the Leaders chose from a menu of several coaching scenarios the ones they wanted to practice. For one year, every Leader practiced three different coaching scenarios per quarter. The program also included a frank discussion on coaching reluctance. 


The "coaching culture" program was considered a great success by the Bank. It has been extended to Branch Managers. The client estimates that the ROI was significant when compared to the costs of redesigning and delivering the coaching program in workshops (e.g., travel costs, time out of the office, content costs, etc.). The turnover in Leadership positions dropped significantly over the life of the program. Concurrently, employee satisfaction scores pertaining to coaching and mentoring increased dramatically.

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