Call Center Cross-Selling

A large Insurance Company Call Center receives incoming calls from and makes outgoing calls to existing clients. 82% of clients purchase only one product line from the Company. There is opportunity during client conversations to increase the number of product lines the client has with the Company. Clients contact the Call Center regularly to update information and to renew or process claims.


When clients called the Company, 890 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) often missed opportunities to cross-sell due to confidence issues and/or to "call reluctance". All CSRs have completed in-house training about the Company's product lines and sales processes. Since CSRs generally thought that clients know what they want, they felt uncomfortable recommending additional product lines. By failing to pick up on client clues, CSRs also missed out on additional sales opportunities.


Practica Learning designed a one-on-one, telephone-based roleplay program that emphasized cross-selling and additional "value add" opportunities. The program consisted of two sessions.

During the first session, each participant called into Practica Learning for four roleplay calls. Cross-selling opportunities presented themselves during the course of these calls (aka  "client conversations"). At the end of the fourth call/first session, each participant committed to making a certain number of cross-selling conversations during the next three weeks. This commitment was recorded as part of the participant's Action Plan.

During the second session, which occurred three weeks later, each participant called into e-roleplay for a follow-up roleplay call. This final call concentrated on additional practice and concluded with the roleplayer recording the actual number of cross-sells achieved by the participant between sessions.


The increase in cross-selling far exceeded the Company’s expectations: after completing the Practica Learning sessions, participants were more confident recommending additional products to clients and leveraging the objection-handling and value-creation techniques practiced during the roleplay calls. During the first six months that preceded completion of the Practica Learning solution, the number of clients with only one product line dropped to 68% (the target is 49%, which should be achieved over the next twelve months).

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