Business Improvisation for Entrepreneurs - Interview with Randy Sabourin
Posted on May 5th, 2016

Why Improvisation Is a Crucial Business Skill (and How to Become Better at It) by Dan Misener

This interview took place at Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management as part of the Startup School in the Entrepreneurship & Strategy MBA Program.

Jazz musicians know how to do it. So do comedians. Salespeople? Not so much.

The art of improvising and thinking on your feet could be the best sales lesson you ever learn. That’s why we asked Randy Sabourin, a business improvisation specialist, to share his expertise with our TGIM listeners.

In this interview, you’ll:

  • Find out how improvisation can help you close more sales
  • Discover the four-step process to becoming a better improvisor
  • Learn two places where people often fail when it comes to improvisation

Check out the full 8-minute interview below:


You read the transcript of this interview here



2 responses to “Business Improvisation for Entrepreneurs – Interview with Randy Sabourin”

  1. Julie Teskey says:

    Great interview and sounds like a really fun workshop. Let me know when you’re doing it again I’d like to come.

  2. Hamel says:

    I think the improvisation is understated as a skill needed to be an entrepreneur. I was at this Ryerson Startup School session and it really made me think that I’m spending all my time on my business plan but I also need to focus on action. Thank you.

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