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The Battle For Attention – (we can’t afford to be boring anymore)

By Randy Sabourin

The two significant outcomes of Learning & Development (L&D) organizations are increasing the knowledge and improving the skill of its participants. The currency that learners pay for these outcomes is their attention, which has been a highly-valued commodity ever since stall merchants competed for it by calling out at market to sell their goods. Today, our attention is demanded by theblog2 screens that we work and play on, advertising designed to prey on our deepest fears and dreams, and of course, the really important things like family, friends, walking the dog – you know, reality.  Combine this well-crafted assault on our attention and our obligations to reality it’s no wonder that when you see the data on the meager effectiveness of traditional L&D programs like Leadership Development, Sales Training and Coaching, they are typically the first to have their budgets questioned. Consider the following numbers released at a recent industry event:

  • 43% of employees reported being bored and disengaged at work
  • 80% of those believe that the opportunity to learn new skills would increase their engagement
  • 45% of employees believe that learning offered to them in their organization is not applicable to their day-to-day
  • 94% of CEOs are looking to their L&D teams to drive results
  • Only 8% are satisfied that they are getting what they need from traditional L&D.

Clearly, there is a demand for effective learning from executives and employees. However, the results speak for themselves.

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