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Can your Sales Training hit a curveball? – What we can learn from Baseball’s use of deliberate practice.

by Randy Sabourin

Learning & Development organizations face the challenge of more training baseball_hitterwith less budget and as a result, sales veterans and higher end performers are often left out of L&D plans in order to address more pressing issues like on-boarding or large scale change initiatives. The challenge is twofold: should L&D invest in this group, and is there a more effective strategy to increase the skill of senior, experienced sales leaders? To answer the first question… yes! Increasing the performance of skilled and experienced salespeople can realize very high returns very quickly.  I would offer the Pareto Principle (80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your Salespeople) as incentive to invest in your best performers. The problem is that creating and delivering learning for this group is a unique challenge and requires a unique strategy. Continue reading

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