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The Art of Sales Improvisation – Your Competitive Advantage

Reprint from Focus Magazine — Spring 2016 Digital Edition

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By Randy Sabourin

There’s a moment every Sciences Sales Rep knows and many dread. It’s the moment during the sales call with a Health Care Provider when you know nothing is going to happen. It’s not a disaster, because you have a relationship, but you know, and likely they do as well, that you’re wasting your time, nothing is going to happen today. The moment manifests itself several ways: it could be in the lobby as the Doctor walks between examining rooms notices you and says “Hey Joanne, what’s new?” It could take place after you get invited into the office and the conversation starts with “So why are you here today?” or maybe even it’s the awkward transition from the small talk over the lunch you carried in as everyone around the table is waiting to pay you for lunch with their attention. OK go! Be interesting, tell them all why your product/drug/therapy/device is better than anyone else’s and a lot more interesting than you, or even your colleague, articulated last week.sales improv

Every Rep has been in that situation and if they are still a Rep they know the answer to this dilemma is the reason they are good at their job, they improvise. By improvise I don’t mean they told jokes that made everyone laugh or made stuff up, the meaning of improvisation is much deeper and more meaningful. The ability to improvise is to combine being creative and delivering that creativity in real time; it’s thinking and doing simultaneously. It’s the skill of working with what you have around you and leveraging it to meet your objectives. It’s not winging it or BS-ing or being unprepared. You’ve seen people who are naturally good at improvisation but like most useful skills it can be taught. It is taught to Firefighters when they’re learning to use the Jaws-of-Life, to athletes who need to save a play gone wrong, to jazz musicians, and to actors for both serious and comedic purposes.  

Preparation is a key factor for successful Sales Improvisation. The process steps Continue reading

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