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Act Like You Mean It

by Aviva Armour-Ostroff


A few years ago I had the great fortune of playing the role of Annie Sullivan in the play ‘The Miracle Worker’. If you haven’t seen this story of Helen Keller, it’s worth a trip to the video store. Helen’s teacher Annie spends months relentlessly signing words into Helen’s hand, trying to teach this deaf and blind girl that everything has a name. Finally, in the climatic scene of the play, Helen gets it. It’s a remarkable epiphany and the break through causes a flood of tears from her family and teacher. It was a very intense scene to replicate every evening. Continue reading

Fear Factor

by Elizabeth McCallum


When new participants come to us for their roleplay practice, we know we are facing a reluctance to change from a couple of different perspectives. First, change, of any type is hard. Research tells us that one in nine people will not change their lifestyle choices after open heart bypass surgery. It is often the case that our participants are eager to practice and convert the knowledge they’ve obtain from a workshop or e-learning but we know that it will still be a challenge for them. Second, almost everyone hates roleplaying. Roleplaying done poorly, which it is in most workshops, can be embarrassing and generally has little value.

Continue reading

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