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One Learner at a Time – Simplifying Learning & Sustainment

by Randy Sabourin

The complexity of deploying new training over a large number of learners can be an enormous undertaking. The challenge grows exponentially when the learners are distributed over a large geographic footprint and time away from the field negatively affects the budget and return on investment (ROI) objectives. Turning to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ e-learning program is often the solution even though the trade-off results in much lower knowledge retention and skill development.121

Rather than compromise with traditional one-to-many solutions driven by technology consider a one-to-one solution focused on people learning and practicing with people. Having had this conversation with many learning professionals the next step in the discussion is inevitably the reaction to the assumed increased costs associated with a one-to-one learning interaction. This assumption is incorrect.

The trend toward ‘bite sized’ or retrieval-based learning speaks to the awareness of one-to-one learning as a viable solution. It seems counter-intuitive to look to technology as the only path to solving what is effectively a one person at a time problem. The idea that one-on-one training is unaffordable is a common and incorrect assumption. Technology is not required to make the price point attractive. Continue reading

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