1:1 Deliberate Learning & Practice - Case Study
Posted on April 18th, 2017

1:1 Deliberate Learning & Practice – NO Workshop Sales Training

Practica Learning combines 1:1 Learning and Scenario-Based Deliberate Practice to deliver a new approach to training a large or small group of participants quickly and cost effectively. The objective of this approach is to reduce the costs associated with low-retention Instructor Lead Training (ITL) and increase the skill level of each participant.

Executive Summary

Practica Learning has successfully designed and delivered a 1:1 Learning Program that converted two days of traditional workshop content into two forty-five minute 1:1 ‘tutorial’ sessions delivered over the telephone or synchronous video.  By removing learning in a group environment we can reduce the time spent by each participant in non-productive classroom activities. Each participant remains free from distraction and can focus, along with the facilitator, on understanding the content and developing skill. The motivation for this methodology is to quickly and cost-effectively increase the knowledge and skill level for conversation-based interactions such as coaching, customer service, sales, leadership development, change, diversity, and performance management. This case study concentrates on delivering a sales conversation process to 500 Salespeople.

The solution leverages a combination of:

  1. Facilitated content delivered through 1:1 tutorial sessions

  2. Interleaving and Spaced practice scenarios supported by feedback and coaching

  3. Roleplayer Coach assessment and feedback

The benefits:

  • Increase time to value for learning deployment and skill improvements

  • Measure performance and development of each participant by skill

  • Decrease cost per participant

  • Decrease time out of office, travel, lost opportunities

  • Remove all training licensing fees

Premise: Practica Learning believes:

  • Interpersonal and conversational skills are NOT Intellectual Property

  • Complexity in models and processes reduce retention and practical application

  • Knowledge is easy – Skill is challenging

  • Most professionals want to learn

  • The most important things that happen in business are conversations

  • Practice must be Deliberate, Spaced, Interleaved, and Measured

  • Practice with a professional is more effective than practice with a peer, boss, or client

  • Getting something into the brain is much easier than getting it out

  • Learning is deeper and more meaningful if effortful – the harder it is learn something, the more it sticks

Return on Investment Summary:

Comparing a traditional two-day workshop with pre-work reading or LMS interaction with three 90 to 120 minute 1:1 telephone/video sessions spaced over four weeks.



This case study explores training 500 Salespeople in a sales process that focuses on the conversation with potential or existing customers. The Salesperson is expected to be a Trusted Advisor to their customer, focusing on articulating a Value Proposition, asking open-ended questions that provide discovery information to determine the ramification of the customer’s problem(s), and finally, moving the conversation toward a solution or suitable next step. Best practices discovered during 1:1 sessions were quickly fed back to the client for re-distribution and incorporated into future sessions.

Driving Factors

There were three main driving value forces that help facilitate the partnership.

  1. Time to Value – the client was frustrated with the need and cost of pulling the Sales Team out of their markets to attend training. An impact on revenue from the salesforce was desired quickly due to shifting in the market and agile competitors.

  2. Budget Constraints – the client did not want to license new sales training content and invest in “yet another sales training event” that would yield low retention results.

  3. Diverse Needs – The Sales Team was comprised of a range of sales competencies, skill levels, tenure, and exposure to sales methodologies. Although the client wanted a common language and process during the sales conversation they were more interested in each Salesperson increasing their abilities rather than teaching to lowest common denominator.

Practica Learning Participant Experience

Asset 4t1The Benchmark Session allows participants to experience a full sales scenario. The data gathered from the Skills List is the foundation for future learning and informs the Tutorial and Practice Sessions. Learning content is delivered in a 1:1 conversation format combined with Skill Drills to ensure successful knowledge transfer. Session length = 80 minutes.



Asset 2t1Session 2 practice
scenarios are scheduled 4 to 8 days after Session 1 to leverage Interleaved and Spaced learning principles. Tutorial Session 2 is designed to focus on any advanced skills/concepts and is informed by the performance of previous practice scenarios. An Action Plan is co-developed to share progress and create internal coaching opportunities. Session length = 115 minutes


Asset 3t1Session 3 practice scenarios are scheduled 2 to 4 weeks after Session 2. The final session focuses on the participant performing under the pressure of increased emotional intensity from the Roleplayers. The final scenario is an assessment and is compared with Session 1 to measure development and ROI. Session length = 105 minutes 




Case Study Skills List Data

Each participant practiced and was measured against twenty-four skills in six categories during each scenario. This is a summary of five skills. The detailed Skills List is available later in the documents. 



 Return on Investment – 1:1 Learning vs Traditional Workshop


  • 500 Participants – cohorts of 25

  • 2 Day Sales Training Workshop

  • Participants have 2 travel days

  • Lost Opportunity cost = $500/day

Workshop Costs per Participant                       


1:1 Tutorial X 2 + 5 Roleplay Practice



All participants completed the sessions over the course of six weeks. The next step in the project was to design and deliver a similar program for Sales Managers. The NPS rating from the participants was 87.3%.











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